A group of 29 PAX stepped the gloom at north hills underneath a glowing moon. It was clear that the workout planned for 10-12 PAX was to be ultimately scrapped…adapt and innovate.

The thang:

A quick jog to the tennis courts for a warm up.  SSH x 30. Standard merkin x20 and then a quick set of inchworm stretches before splitting up into two groups.

group 1 ran the hill and back while group 2 hit the tennis courts for burpee suicides followed by star jump suicides, people’s chair at the end.  Groups meet at the starting line and went through plank, chilcutt system til all returned.  Switch groups (FYI group 2 did 5 burpees at the bottom).  Back into the plank system before calling an audible.

3 part pyramid. Switching at every level between merkin, LBC and squats.  5 merkin , 5 LBC, 5 squats…to 10, 15, 20 and then back to zero.  On to the playground. Four exercises on the tables.  Time tracking group did 5 burpees then bear crawl to end of pavement, 5 burpees then run back while the others did box jumps…switch.  Ran through the Dip, step ups, Derwin/irken.

Merry –

51 American hammer, 15 WWII sit ups and a BJ special – Guantanamo

COT – quick sit down on how much F3 means to us all.  Special group of men that are all here for each other.  No other announcements.  BJ with the prayer to end.