A big bright moon offered a welcome to the PAX at Mutiny. The parking lot across the street told us that New Year’s resolutions were still in force, as an unusually large crowd of sad clowns were choosing to spend time with a plastic fern. We took a moment to pity them. Then it began.

Run the soccer field loop.
Side Straddle Hops
Imperial Walkers
Sir Fazio Arm Circles

“L” McPherson around the Soccer Field–
Merkins & squats
Dry docks & lunges
Something & Freddy Mercurys
Burpees & star jumps.

New Mexico takes the Q
Head over to the tennis courts
Wheelbarrows x 2
Peoples Chair
Balls to the Wall with some Inverted Mountain Climbers


Prayers for Imp and wife as new baby is due very soon.

What makes a workout challenging. One of the discussions I’ve heard more than once, and seen in the forums is, “How hard should you go during a workout?” Do you put it all out there, going full out from beginning to the end? Do you pace yourself to make sure you have enough gas to finish well? Do you do only what the Q asks? I’ve seen a lot of different approaches to workouts. I’ve seen people who from the start are full out, pedal to the metal monsters doing everything the Q asks. I’ve seen guys cruise through pacing themselves. And occasionally I’ve seen something that has surprised me, a guy who goes, pushes and then some. A call for a certain number of burpees sent everyone to work. But a certain member of the PAX (a Hate Hate) burned through them. He knew he would finish early and rather than wait, he kept going doing almost twice what was called for. He stopped doing burpees when there were only two others still trying to accomplish the original order. As a consistent member of the Six Club, who bring up the back, finish last, and gasp for air during warmups, I saw in this Hate Hate a desire to push his physical endurance farther. Watching this man through the workout I was reminded once again of the old adage: You get out of it, what you put into it. I have cogitated on this a wee bit. Over the past few workouts, I’ve pushed a little harder. I’m still at the six, but not as far back. Maybe one day, I’ll make the middle of the PAX. Until then I’ll keep going. And if I hit the called number I may do an extra one or two just to push a little farther. Aye.