The Chapel Hill campus was quiet and desolate as spring break commenced last Friday, so six PAX gathered in the gloom at Fetzer Field early Monday morning to bring a little life to the landscape.

Jog to field hockey stadium, circle up for warm-up:

· Good Mornings
· Windmills
· Imperial Walkers
· Merkins
· Mountain Climbers
· 20 yards and back of walking lunges
· 20 yards of bear crawls

Mosey to field hockey stadium seating area. Three circuits of running stadium steps followed by five burpees and 10 mountain climbers.

Mosey to far corner of football practice field where we borrowed use of “Lou’s Beach,” named for a “day on the beach” under football strength and conditioning chief Lou Hernandez. Two full circuits of eight-count pull-ups, tricep dips, one-leg lunges and merkins.

Mosey to Navy field artificial surface, run one length of football field, pausing at 20, 50, 20 yardlines and goal line for five burpees each.

Then two runs around perimeter of football field, pausing at each corner for 15 WWII sit-ups on first trip around and 15 merkins each on second trip around.

Mosey back to field hockey field for Mary: 60 count bows-toes plank hold; Peter Parkers, LBCs, Freddie Mercuries, Reverse LBCs, Russian Hammers, flutters (about 15 each).


Greetings to FNG John, henceforth to be known in F3 domain as Pulte.

(posted on behalf of Shooter)