As was prophesied in Ye Olde Family Scrolls circa 1968 depicted above, Monday morning was “Captain Kangaroo Time.”

Strong showing of 17 PAX (including 1 FNG) at The Crucible at Williams Park. I’d like to think that today’s record attendance was due to my likeability, looks, and charm but will admit that it was most likely due to Maize/Darby scaring everyone away from Zero Hour or because the PAX was sick and tired of Sisyphus at NHP.

Warm up run in the parking lot, predominantly backwards. Worked our way to the trail around the park and ran to far end to circle up.

  • SSH IC x40
  • Imperial Walker IC x25
  • Bent-over Fazio Arm Circles IC x25 (and reverse IC x25)
  • Mountain Climber IC x20

Continue along trail to the picnic shelter

The Thang

  • Bench toe-taps IC x20
  • Bench jump ups OYO x20
  • Alternating L/R bench step-ups IC x20

Repeato with 15 counts (give or take)

Get back on trail and run it clockwise to opposite side of tennis courts and mosey over to grab a rock and circle up.

  • Big Boy Jack Webbs (diamond merkin on rock/shoulder press w/ rock) 10/1, 9/2 –> 1/10
  • Curl IC x25
  • Bent-over row IC x25
  • Kneel-Ups (w/ rock extended overhead) IC x10

Enough of the rocks. Pitch ’em and take a short saunter to the tennis courts

  • Suicide (forward/backward sprint: midcourt court 1, sideline court 1, near sideline court 2, midcourt court 2, far sideline court 2)
  • Traveling Burpee across both courts (I think I heard someone call them leap frogs but whatever the case, it’s a standard burpee but instead of jumping up, jump out. Repeat across courts).
  • Bear Crawl back across both courts.

Exit the tennis courts and work our way to the sand volleyball pit. Find a spot on the wall surrounding the pit

  • Walking decline plank counterclockwise along the wall IC x10
  • Walking decline plank clockwise along wall IC x10

Run the trail back to the parking lot for Mary

Running late so kept cadence counts lower (and faster) than ‘normal’ and moved through several exercises very quickly with little/no recovery

  • WWII situps IC x15
  • Cannonball IC x15
  • LBC IC x15
  • Freddie Mercury IC x15 (in honor of Countrywide’s sweet new Freddie Merc ‘stache)
  • Reverse LBC IC x15
  • Williams Park Hammers IC x15
  • LBC (again) IC x15
  • Heels to Heaven IC x15

That’s a wrap



  • Thursday evening Happy Hour 6pm: Beer tasting at Raleigh Brewing Company on Hillsborough St. (across from Meredith).
  • Arena workout at Mens Healing Place. Sign up to attend or Q. Google doc signup sheet HERE
  • I’m sure I’ve forgotten a note or two. Sound off and I will add.
  • Special intentions included Duphresne as always, YHC’s MIL and for the emotional and physical burdens we all bear when aging parents become part of our daily stresses, Higgins has a few issues going on at work

Orwell took us out strong

Thanks, guys

I’ve been free-loading the system for 6 months and decided it was time to start giving back.
And by ‘decided’ I mean that Maize forced me 🙂  
Joking aside, I needed the kick-in-the pants since I’m a card-carrying introvert and stuff like this isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse. Additionally, I’ve gotten my ass handed to me in the early mornings by some of the finest Qs/sadists that F3 has to offer and it’s a daunting task to write up a beatdown worthy enough for you guys.