Welcome to the Gun Show.  Admission is free.  Heavily slanted toward obtaining Maximum Pumpitude in preparation for Spring Break, this PAX can be recognized around town by their massive pythons, ya.  Heavy arm work with some lower body and cardio thrown in for kicks, ask which way to the beach and they will point the way.  A quiet PAX means hard work, and hard work makes a happy (first time) Q.

The Thang

Run to Field


SSH X 25, Imperial  Walkers X 20, Good Mornings X 10, Windmills X15

Run around lake to Gazebo

Jump Lunge x15 x2, Prisoner Squat x15 x2, Mericans (Regular/Stop/Diamond/Wide) x 15 ea.

Run to Picnic Shelter

Partner Curls for the Girls and Triceps with towel x10 x 3 ea.

Ircans/Mericans/Ircans x 10 ea.

Run to tennis courts and line up

Suicides forward/backpedal x2

Suicide side slide x1

Run back to Field


25 LBC’s

10 Long Slow Flutter

25 ‘Merican Hammer

Wrap up with…

Calf/Stomach/Arm Stretches



3rd F gathering at Raleigh Brewing, March 13

F3 Dads inaugural work out March 22 9:30 Fletcher Park

Close out w/ a prayer