As it turns out, the old wive’s tale is true:  If you are ever being attacked by a Kanye, the best method of self defense is to poke him in the eye.

With one man down, the men of The Crick carried on.


The Thang:


Jog around to the side of the school

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 20

Windmills x 20

Good Mornings x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Sir Fazio x 20

Reverse Fazio x 20

Standard Merican x 20


Jacob’s Ladder

10 squats, run up the hill, 1 burpee.

Run back down the hill.

9 squats, run up the hill, 2 burpees.

Run back down the hill.



On The Wall

Jog to the court.  Grab some wall.

Irkins x 15

Dips x 12

Derkins x 12

Irkins x 12

Dips x 10

Derkins x 10

Irkins x 12

Dips x 10

Derkins x 10



Jog to the picnic shelter.  Grab a bench.

Alternating Left-Right-Step Up x 20

People’s chair x 1:30

Hop Ups x 10

Pole Dancers x 1:00

Calf Raises x 25



Move to the field for some Mary

LBC x 20

WWII’s x 20

Freddie Mercuries x 15

Long…Slow…Flutters x 15

Box Cutters x 15



– Two FNG’s today, in the Crick!  Both hung in there, even through The Ladder.  Great work, men.

– The Crick is fielding at least one 4 man team for the USMC Mudder on April 12.  We would love to field 2. Talk to Candlestick or YHC for more info.

– Donatello and The Situation are becoming regulars.  Good news all around.

– YHC took us out in prayer.