Ball Bearings: a Wednesday morning workout that is always held outdoors, rain or shine, warm or cold, utilizing a variety of natural fields, hills and other terrain.  Exercises are not performed on concrete.  Or under parking decks.  Or astroturf.  It is never easy.
urban jungle: not Ball Bearings.
It seems there is a direct relationship between the morning temperature and number of PAX across F3 Raleigh, and this morning’s 60 degree weather brought ’em out.  After a dozen completed the kettle bell set (separate back blast to be posted later by U Taw), 23 were present for the main event.  Short jog around the field and up Hamburger Hill, disclaimer given.
The Thang:
Warm-Up, all in cadence:  SSH x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Fazios x8 x8, Merkin x 20, Prisoner Squat x 20, Wide Merkin x 20, Squat x 20, Dry Docks x 20; jog to upper field.
Partner Up:  Partner 1 does 100 yard sprint, touch line, 100 yard sprint back.  Partner 2 does AMRAP burpees. Flap jack.  Repeat with Balls to the Wall, Chilcutt, People’s Chair until all PAX complete the set.  REPEAT x 1.  Jog to amphitheatre.
Same Partners:  Partner 1 does 6 in leg hold, Partner 2 does 10x Derkin at first wall, 10x Derkin at second wall, run to lamp post for 10 standard merkins and back down to the stone circle.  Flap jack.  Repeat with Irkin/squat hold, 20x dip at each wall/slow flutter, 10xIrkin, Derkin/Heels to Heaven; jog to soccer field.
Mary: LBC x 30, Rosalita x 30.
-T-claps to the PAX that completed the double down.  A couple of names were debated for Chong, who did not complete the double down.  LIFO (last in, first out) and FIFO (first in, first out) were options, but ultimately we simply settled on FO (first out).
-congrats to My Boy Blue on his successful campaign to join Team Busted Paw.
-welcome to Chico, who joined us from Clt Metro.
-not much chatter out there once we got going.  Lots of sprints and merkins if you add everything up.  Just another Wednesday at Ball Bearings.
-Raleigh Brewing tomorrow night, w/ food from Bella Monica.
-F3 Dads on 3/22.  See website for details.
-GORUCK on May 3.  Challenge yourself.
-Still spots available for the USMC Mud Run.  Don’t miss it.  We have a big charter bus and everything.