• When: 03/12/14
  • QIC: Krusty the Clown
  • The PAX: Howard, New Mexico, Peak Week

Four Pax who gave up Fartsacking for Lent met under the lone street light at Action Park in the Quay.

The Thang

After reading the customary F3 waiver, YHC informed those gathered that they were in for a Lenten challenge based on the Gospel of Luke chapters 22-23. What began as a warm up run around the tennis courts continued down the access road of the pre-dawn gloom.

1st Station – Jesus is condemned to death

  • SSH (Sanhedrin Straddle Hops) IC x 25
  • King Herod Kicks IC x 20
  • Centurion Walkers IC x 20
  • Dips IC x 20
  • Good morning, Johnny (paying homage to the portable porcelain god and Johnny Utah) IC x 25

2nd Station – Take up your Tire and follow me

Since wooden crosses were not accessible, YHC introduced the PAX to five discarded car tires (all weighing 21 – 30 lbs) and invited them to “take up your tire and follow me”.  After climbing the first of three hills, we ran into the vast darkness of Action Park and completed the following:

  • Tire Shoulder Press IC x 20
  • Tire Merkins IC x 25
  • Single leg squat with leg on upright tire (30 secs each leg)
  • Mountain Climbers IC x 25
  • Pilate’s Chair (to 4 declining 10 counts)

3rd Station – Jesus falls for the first time

After crossing the lower softball field (each STILL carrying said tire) we climbed the 2nd of 3 hills and completed the following:

  • Son of Man Makers OYO x 15 (Merkin+Tire Shoulder Press+Squat+Tire Slam to ground….repeato)
  • Trail run behind ball field #2 (where YHC stepped in a hole & twisted rt. ankle but carried on)
  • Tire Dips IC x 20
  • Ran up 3rd of 3 hills and placed tire on top of hill, only to run back down and complete
    • Jacob’s Ladder OYO x 5
    • LBC’s OYO x 15
    • Run carrying tire to tennis courts

4th Station – Jesus meets his mother, Mary

Lining up along the sideline of court #2:

  • Walking Plank on tire x15 (repeato)
  • Bear Crawl Slide: Push (or flip) tire full-length of tennis court
  • Leg Lifts (Tire high x 2, Flutter Kick)

It is Finished


USMC Mudrun –  Saturday, April 12th in Columbia, SC. F3 Raleigh bus leaving at 3:30am. F3 Nation will be well represented with 500+ expected.

New Mexico attended Healing Place on Saturday; encouraged anyone who might be interested in this worthwhile endeavor to sign up

F2 Event at Raleigh Brewing Co. with food by Bella Monica on Thursday, 03/13/14

Peak Week circled up PAX and lead us in an encouraging prayer – special prayers for New Mexico’s friend Molly Jean and Erin Cross, friend of YHC.

lent 3