97% Humdity

Due to the Rolesville Fall Fun Fest, our AO shifted to the parking lot where we often do four-square.


  • Side Straddle Hops X30 cadence
  • Good Mornings x30 cadence
  • Mountain Climbers x30 cadence
  • Arm Circles x25, reverse x25, Moraccan Night clubs x25
  • Windmills/Don Quixotes x 20 cadence
  • Helicopters x 20 cadence

WARNING: It was during the warmups that we discovered there is actually a FourthF and at times it is quite noticeable and other times silent, but still very deadly!

The Thang:

  • Pick a Date (Drainage Ditch)
    • Ran the trails from the four-square parking lot to the drainage ditch with rocks near the shelter and school.
    • Pax picked a partner and picked a girlfriend “Rock”zanne to pickup for a shared date.
    • Floppy took our odd spot and did his own odd things!
    • She has spent her entire life on the pile so we are going to show her a good time and she cannot hit the ground. It is up to you and your partner to take good care of her. Be Gentlemen!

IMPORTANT NOTE: to better enjoy the reading of remainder of this backblast take a moment to que up “Roxanne” by The Police. You won’t regret letting the voice to Sting be your guide!

  • Four Square Party of 3 (School Yard)
    •  “Rock”zanne wants to get to know the guys so it’s time for a little group dating action.
      • Corner 1: x 40 total Bent over rows (passing rock between downs)
        • Partner A Bear Crawl & Partner B Rock Lunge Walk
      • Corner 2: x40 total Bicep Curls (passing rock between downs)
        • Partner B Bear Crawl & Partner A Rock Lunge Walk
      • Corner 3: x 40 total Chest Press (passing rock between downs)
        • Partner A Crab Walk & Partner B Rock Lunge Walk
      • Corner 4: x 40 total Alternating Shoulder Tap (passing rock between downs)
        • Partner B Crab Walk & Partner A Rock Lunge Walk
    • 10 count
  • Latter Dating Game (Field)
    • After a successful group date, “Rock”zanne was eager to get to know each pax on a personal level. The latter dating game will give each a little “alone time” with “Rock”zanne.
      • Rock Squats & Merkins (starting at 10 and up to 40 by tens)
        • Partner A in center Rock Squats while Partner B sprints to sideline for Merkins
        • Partner B in center Rock Squats while Partner A sprints to sideline for Merkins
  • The Date Goes Horizontal (Field)
    • The date must have gone well because “Rock”zanne didn’t put on the red light! So, we end up horizontal. Pax got on their sixto prepare for the workout. This portion of the workout elicited many jokes and comments that are best not repeated and posted in writting!
      • x30 total Rock Sit-ups – A & B sit facing each other & sit-up w/ rock (passing rock between downs)
      • x36 total cadence Rock Hammers – A & B do American hammers for total 30 cadence count (passing the rock halfway through)
  • Put ‘er to Bed (Rock Pile)
    • We don’t want to keep “Rock”zanne past curfew, so we brought her home leaving time for a little goodbye on the front door step!
      • x30 single ct Tricep Extensions each – while partner does squats
        • Then switch

The pax then ran back to the flag with a little extra pep in their step

One minute of mary with 20 cadence ct. LBCs

Numberama & Namerama:
11 pax w/ 1 FNG (Woody)


  • Need Qs for all AOs of which we now have 5 in our region!
  • Promoted other area workouts (Agoge <Seminary> M 5:30AM, The Greenhouse <Green Pines Baptist> T 5:45AM, Excalibur <Knightdale Station Park> TH 5:45AM, Boiler Room <Heritage HS Soccer Fields> F 5:30AM)
  • Chimichanga shared a ThirdF option every Tuesday 6:30-7:15AM at Wake Forest Coffee Co to study “The True Measure of a Man”.

Prayer Requests:

  • Floppy’s Father-in-law out of rehab
  • Pray for Chimichanga’s 2.0
  • Flood Victims in NC, SC, FL, and the Haiti with the growing death toll

Bill Nye took us out