Watch out Pedro, because F3 is heading south.

With very little light pollution in the remote Southwest corner of Wake County, it was very difficult to navigate in Fuquay Varina.  Fortunately, the ever-thoughtful Howard had posted his newly acquired F3 Flag at the park entrance, allowing YHC to only pass by one time before turning around and finding the PAX that had mustered for today’s Inaugural Action Park beatdown.  With about 50% FNGs and no prior knowledge by YHC of today’s terrain, there was a lot of uncertainty heading into the gloom this morning.  Luckily, through pure tenacity, we all made it through and are better men for it.

Warm Up COP

  • SSH 26x
  • Imperial Walker 25x
  • Windmill 20x
  • Prisoner Squat 25x

Exploration – head down the road to see the park

  • Mosey
  • Lunge Walk
  • Mini Pusharama while Peak Weak circles back to pick up Monster Biscuit
  • Mosey
  • Bear Crawl
  • Sprint

Head onto the middle baseball field to the outfield fence

  • Balls to Wall 20x
  • Sprint to far dugout
  • People’s Chair 25x
  • Sprint back to fence
  • Balls to wall 20x
  • Lunge Walk to Far Dugout
  • People’s Chair 20x

Route 66 On Retaining Wall (Jump or Step Up AND Derkins)

Jog to 4x Tennis Court

Super Suicide (just one) and 5 Burpees (cherry on top)


  • LBC 25x
  • WW2 Situp 25x


Naked Moleskin

  • Excellent effort by all the FNGs today – especially Shrimp Boat who ousted Howard from his perpetual weekday War Daddy slot.  #respect  Look forward to seeing you all back next week.  Same time – same place.
  • Watchout – Cadre White Shoe’s back and rumor has it he’s grumpier and older than ever  #takecover
  • HH this week at PR – 7:30 on Thursday
  • Fazio’s getting his MRI results on Friday – keep him in your thoughts and prayers
  • Order an F3 Raleigh shirt NOW – – you can get any color you want, as long as you want Badass Black
  • Go to Dawn Patrol tomorrow – The Hoff is patrolling the beach