Heavy metal aug29 001


22 PAX Rounded out death by circle in a Thursday morning rally as shown above. All alternate between Cadence and Gear.

Warm-up: 20x SSH, 20x Good mornings, 20x imerial walkers, 20x mountain climbers, 20x LBC

Gear exercises: 3 stations of pull-ups (Chin-ups, switch grip and regular), Sandpipe Squats, Medicine Ball toss from partner to partner, 21s with the Olympic Bar, Palm out curls with the sears bar, 2 stations of manmakers, triceps extensions with lighter kettle bell, one arm clean overhead press with the heavy kettle bell and derkins for fun. The Magic number was 7.

Cadence exercises: 20x Merkin, 10x star jump, 23x Diamond merkin, 25x wide grip merkin, 20x precision squats, 20x Merkin, 20x Reverse LBC, 20x Flutter kick, 20x Russian Hammers, 20x Freddie Mercury, 20x Merkin, 20x some execise that I didn’t know the name of- you lift your legs straight up while keeping them 90 degrees from the ground (it sucked).



Well done to all PAX, I promise I’m not that big a dick in real life, y’all did great.