Began with F3 Mission, disclaimer, no FNGs

Warm-up Run (medium pace) on track around the soccer fields
Circle up on grass for Q-led Warm-up which included:
18 side-straddle hops
Left over right bend at waist, followed by right over left X2
Cotton pickers
4 point compass planks, rotating S, W, E, N (combining standard, right arm, left arm, chill, planks) – 10 count
Arm circles (10 count) front and back
Head over to kettlebells/dumbbells
Each exercise below began with a demonstration; only one brother had not used kettlebells before.
Exercises began with 6 reps, place kettlebell on ground, followed by a short sprint in the parking lot 6 parking spaces, jog back to the kettlebell; reps increased to 12 reps, place kettlebell down, sprint to a further spot in parking lot (12 parking spaces) and jog back to the kettlebell and begin last rotation of the exercise with 18 reps, place kettlebell down and sprint to the last spot again (12 parking spaces), jog back.

The following exercises were executed:

Single kettlebell – most often, two-handed
Bent over row
Goblet squat
Triceps curl
Bent over figure eight pass through legs
Kettlebell swing out front
Two arm bicep curl
Around your body kettlebell pass
Homer to marge with kettlebell on pelvis
L foot back, knee lunge , swap sides (abbreviated to only 6 reps OYO)
John Cusack walk with kettlebell to 12 parking spots, 10 merkins, walk back
10 mountain climbers, Chest kettlebell, walk to 12 parking spots, 10 merkins, walk back, 10 count plank
Brief cool down; equipment put away
Mosey/jog to tennis courts for Mary
While waiting for Cletus, we executed balls to the walls (numerous 7 counts); bear crawl figure eight on tennis courts, seated Roman chair, bunny hop back to fence
Begin Mary
VQ – Dauber