Approx. 23-24 pax posted for this week’s version of The Forge.  You’d think a CPA would be concerned with precise numbers, but whatever (if I missed you below, please let me know, but it seemed like 23-24).  We were treated to Gnard Dogg’s perfection of the F3 counts and a little agility ladder fun thanks to skills developed at Zero Hour.

The Thang:

Warm-up (Epoxy):

Fast jog around lake with the pace applauded by White Shoe (I was overcome with pride…haha, must have been amped up b/c I’m not a runner for sure).  SSH x 20; Sir Fazio 8 and 8; Imperial Walkers x 20; Mtn Climbers x 15

Gnard Dogg:  Lead pax up and down long stairs 3x and ultimately to pavilion.  L/R step-ups x 20; Dips x 20; L/R step-ups x 20; Decline merkins x 15.  After first set of L/R step-ups, spontaneous applause from the crowd as a result of Gnard’s count mastery (ref Q from several weeks ago)!!!  Well done Gnard.

Epoxy: Run back down to lower area near carousel.  3 Agility / rope ladders set up with 6 staggered cones at the end.  Pax divide into 3 groups at each ladder.  Run through ladder and then run/shuffle, etc to each cone.  At end of cones, do 8 merkins.  Run back to start of ladder for different pattern and different cone run/shuffle, then 7 merkins, repeat to 6, 5, 4….

Gnard Dogg: Head over to grassy area.  Split into 2 groups.  First group sprints to amphitheater, 10 jump-ups, bear crawl back while group 2 does Mary of choice.  Flap jack.  Next, group 1 sprints, 10 incline merkins, lunge walk back.  Group 2 Mary….flap jack.  Group 1 sprint, 10 dips, sprint.  2 does Mary….flap jack.

Epoxy:  Being some time left, we headed over to playground.  Split into 2 groups.  Group 1 does 20 pull-ups / rows on swings while group 2 does merkins (I think, as this was an audible and 2 days ago).  Flap jack. Group 1 15  pull-ups / rows while group 2 does squat jumps.  Flap jack.  Group 1 10 pull-ups / rows while group 2 did something else.  Flap jack.


COT – I was confused today as I totally skipped over the names and went right to the prayer requests….and my wife says I’m not a spiritual guy!

Sorry for the scattered nature of the post…feels like this was days ago, I’ve got a cold, plus I’m supervising 5th grade girls at Mellow Mushroom post-Cotillion.