A bold group of 15 PAX resisted the urge to fartsack and entered the gloom on this chilly morning. YHC expected smaller numbers given the gloominess of this morn. Instead, this band of brothers got out of their warm beds and headed to Williams Park for a Monday morning beatdown. No FNGs present so away we went.

Little jog to get the blood flowing before warm-ups. SSH x25, Good Mornin x15, Imperial Walkers x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Fazios x10 each way.

Grab a rock, and enter the tennis courts. Leave it in the corner. Mosey to the other side of the court. Partner up. Time for “Hell in a Cell”.

Partner 1-suicides down the court. Partner 2-Peoples chair on the fence. Flapjack. When done mosey over to the assortment of rocks. 20 curls. Bear crawl down the court. 10 burpees. Mosey to the next corner. Crab walk down to where we started. Plank till all finish

Partner 1-suicides 2-Balls to the wall. Flapjack. Rock corner: 20 tricep extensions. Bear crawl across the court. 15 sumo squat jumps. Next corner, lunge walk to where we started. Plank.

Partner 1-suicides 2-six inch leg hold. Flapjack. Rock corner: 20 shoulder press. Crab walk across court. 15 monkey humpers. Broad jump down the court. Plank. 20 LBCs. Return the rocks.

Mosey down to the track. Two groups. Group 1: indian run the loop Group 2: AMRAP flutter kicks. Flapjack. Group 1: indian run the loop Group 2: Freddie Mercury’s.

Big Mick: Two lines head to foot in plank position. Man at the back calls 5 merkins and bear crawls to the front, while everyone holds plank position. Repeato til the lines have cycled over. 40 Merkins total.

Over to the picnic tables. Dips x10, Alternation step-ups x20, Irkins x10

Back to the tennis courts for Mary. Reverse LBCs, American Hammers, and 6 inch leg hold with 6 count around the circle.


Announcements: Ethanol on Wednesday moves to Crabtree. Maize will announce date. Thanksgiving day convergence at Dawn Patrol, 7am. Get out and vote this week, and pray for our leaders.

Prayers for Swing Line’s grandmother who has dementia and some other health issues that are getting worse. Pink Slip’s brother having surgery today on broken ankle.

Strong work by all this morning. Great group of PAX. YHC reminded the PAX to continue EH’ing their future FNGs in these cold months. They need this, chilly weather or not. They’ll make excuses still, just blame the cold instead of the other typical sad clown excuses. Keep pushing.

Always a pleasure to lead you men. Orwell prayed us out.