This morning, like many PAX, YHC was not excited about getting out of the ‘ole #fartsack. However, I knew my @F3Raleigh brothers would be there, and so YHC would be there, too. 8 strong PAX appeared out of the frigid-semi-gloom to receive their beatdowns.

Good Mornings x 25
SSH x 25
Prisoner Squat x 25
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 25 (front/back)
Shoulder Shrugs x 25
Windmill x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Leg Crossover Strech x 25 (Q count)
SSH x 25
Set 1
“IR 4 Corners” – Four stations on the turf area. Cycle among Dips, Erkins, Raised-leg Crunches, and Burpees. Bear crawl between stations across the turf area. Repeat this set 4 times, with 30 second Plank holds in between.
Mosey to the McAlister’s Fountain.
Set 2
SSH fast paced x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
Sumo Squats x 25
Partner up. P1 does step-ups on the fountain, P2 jog down to ramp, Bear Crawl up to fountain. Repeat with Erkins. Total of 4 cycles, then Plank hold for 30 seconds.
Retire to turf area.
Set 3
Imperial Walkers x 15
Mountain Climbers x 15
Sumo Squats x 15
Dips x 15
LBCs x 50
Regular Plank, hold for 30 seconds
Plank – left arm up, right arm up, regular, right arm up, left leg up (15 seconds each)
American Hammer x 50


2nd F at Ridegewood Wine and Beer this Friday (as usual), 5:00pm or 3:00pm if your name is Epoxy
F3Convergence lunch meeting this Wednesday at Mia Francesca. Talk will be “Using LinkedIn Effectively, presented by CostCo. Sign up on the F3Nation Web site.

Q Thought
YHC has been thinking about the F3 fellowship, and has really appreciated being able to count on the guys posting no matter what. Especially pertinent — Proverbs 17:17 “A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born from adversity.”

YHC was very pleased with the cold weather turnout, and proud to lead the PAX today.