10 Pax embraced the icy gloom for a popcorn Q at Mutiny and survived yet another encounter with the starfish butt hole. Oh the Humanity. We were also approached by a horrified citizen at the end who was promptly put in an emotional headlock and if he is brave enough will post tomorrow morning at Kenny’s Grave.

Warm up by QIC New Mexico

standard F3 warm up/ run/ ssh/ imperial walkers/ Fazio Arm Circles/ Good mornings

Torch was passed to Peak Week for some…

bull frogs/ planks/ balls to the walls/ partner carry

Next to the plate: Blue Hen for some…

Plank Indian run/ hops/ mary #robowoodyisablur #mirage #whatareyou?

Dead Bolt called some WWII situps

Blue Hen called a variety of mary and the dreaded starfish butt hole as well as Robo Woody with a call

COT- T shirts, brunch run

Concerned horrified citizen