7 Pax found themselves near East Campus in the early morning having overcome the fleshly desires for sleep and relaxation, and began their quest for pain.  Floyd had set the bar on Tuesday with a modified radical Escalator, so Riggs and Doogie set out to make him proud.

The Thang:

Warm up:
Indian run (feather, not dot)
IW x 10
SSH x 10
Mountain climbers x 10

Run to the quad for a Cloud 9, Riggs weak attempt at a catchy name/theme for a workout…

9 exercises (which turned out to be 7 due to time constraints), 19 reps (Why 19?, you ask.  Because 9 was too few, 29 was too many, and it had to have a 9 in it), then a sprint or other traveling exercise for 30 yards:
Merkins/gorilla walk
Peter Parkers/sprint down and back
CDD/backward lunge
Up-downs/sprint down and back
Merkin twists/bear crawl (grumblings begin)
Russian hammers/sprint
Burpees/walking lunge (more discontent)

Mosey on over to some random parking lot for Doogie’s Inverted Pyramid…

6 exercises:
Merkins, side burps, knee up merkins, tuck jumps, speed skater, and DK squats
5 sets:
10 reps, sprints in between
8 reps, bunny hops up and down some steps
6 reps, tennis court suicides in between
4 reps, hill runs in between
2 reps, no breaks


– Next Saturday we’ll be joined by Chong Li and some of the other guys from Raleigh.  Should be an awesome workout.