With a long weekend upon us and many regulars out to rest up for the GORUCK, 17 of Raleigh’s finest PAX pulled out of their fartsacks and endured some pain.  CK promised to not do walking lunges, and he upheld his promise.  As the cadence counting started, the pain began

Single Arm SSH x20
High Knees in place x20
Mountain Climbers x15
CK Good Mornings x15
10 burpees

Run to cat hill for:
Robert Plant x3

Stop at the top and find a spot on the grass for mini mary:
lbc x20
freddy mercury x20
froggy x20

Run into the Gazebo for fight club:
in pairs we run around the window sills, ninja style
– rest of PAX does lbc’s, froggies, dips, french dips
in pairs 20″ box jump x10
– rest of PAX does lbc’s, 6 inch leg hold, v-ups
in pairs 24″ box jump x10
– rest of PAX does incline merkins, and decline merkins
in pairs 30″ box jump 3 times each
– rest of pax holds a squat hold and cheers the group on

Jog over to parking spaces in road and foot race:
Sprint 60 yards and back
Charriot races, 60 yards each x2
Sprint 60 yards and back
Charriot races, 60 yards each

Jog down to ampitheatre:
SSH x10
Peter Parker x20
Figure Skater deck sweepers each leg
360 jump spins, 5 left, 5 right
WWII situps x41
Plank Hold x50


The Naked Moleskin:
A new trend is forming where the pax don’t drive to the park, tclaps to pacman and Maize for arriving on foot
Tonight is the GORUCK here in Raleigh, the team is ready
tclaps to Chong Li for posting this morning even though he will be doing to GORUCK tonight
tclaps to Floppy Disk for posting while recovering from Surgery.
tclaps to Floppy Disk for tweeting and supporting the GORUCK team tonight!
tclaps to Bob Villa, White Shoe and Johnny Utah for showing up at Cup A Joe for 2nd F!
2 weeks until the race for the cure, 7:30 start time- well done Caddie on organizing this
Monday is the Murph at Pullen park.  There will be no North Hills workout that morning.
Keep Tecumseh in your prayers, he is slowly recovering from some rib damage after the Ninja Challenge last week
Go out and thank current and past members of the armed forces for all the sacrifices they have made.