Mellencamp is in on the dial in my head during the trot in. Close your eyes and sing along if you’d like, “Well I can stand beside ideals I think are right, and I can stand beside the idea to stand and fight….” Three glorious shovel flags were flown as the PAX of 26 gathered in the mild elements of Pullen Park to honor this great country and the men who have served to preserve our freedom. From the Halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli, First to fight for the right and to build the Nation’s might, Off we go into the wild blue yonder climbing high into the sun,and Anchors aweigh my boys anchors aweigh ……. we salute you.

The Thang:

Warm Up:  Good Mornings x 25, Mountain Climbers x 25, Imperial Walkers x 25, 10 Burpees

We did the murph

Mary: LBC x 30, Homer to Marge x 25, TD Curls L&R x 20, 6″ Leg Hold Circle with 5 count

That is all…..


“God of our fathers, who by land and sea have ever lead us to victory, please continue your inspiring guidance in this the greatest of all conflicts. Strengthen my soul so that the weakening instinct of self-preservation, which besets all of us in battle, shall not blind me to my duty to my own manhood, to the glory of my calling, and to my responsibility to my fellow soldiers. Grant to our armed forces that disciplined valor and mutual confidence which insures success in war. Let me not mourn for the men who have died fighting, but rather let me be glad that such heroes have lived. If it be my lot to die, let me do so with courage and honor in a manner which will bring the greatest harm to the enemy, and please, oh Lord, protect and guide those I shall leave behind. Give us the victory, Lord.” -General George S. Patton

The following men were recognized this morning for their present service, past service and in some cases ultimate sacrifice as members of our armed forces (apologies for spelling errors): Fred Cameron, Adam Hurley, Crisco Behr, Clay Kimball, Doug Zimbeck, Jim Strum, Adam Bassett, Matt Overcamp, Jackie Slato, Doug Bray, Claude Weekly, Alex Crawford,  Matt Matter, David Simpson, Chris Cornelson, Doc Tripp, Matthew Coburn, Richard Elaine, Neil Gutekunst, Trey Gibson, Mike Matlick, John Camden, Matt Taylor, John Harrell and Josh Harris.

Naked Moleskin:

– Thank you to those who are serving in the armed forces or have in the past. Call someone you know to thank them and thank those you don’t know when you see them this week. Then do it again.

-T-Claps with mad respect for our friends in GoRuck class 604. The little I saw left a lasting impression. YHC does not have enough words or the right ones to express how I feel, let’s just leave it at that. Incredible but then again not too surprising that four of them posted for today’s workout.

-Great seeing the Durham crew make the trip over, we have a Raleigh group returning the favor next Saturday.

-Susan Komen Race June 8th : still time to sign up!

– 2nd F @ PRs this Thursday night at 7:30…..have a beer and check out some GoRuck pics!