I have to say, today was a tough one to get out of bed. After yesterday’s Memorial Day Murph, I think everyone felt the same excruciating moment this morning at 4:50 when we did our very first SSH. There was a uniform groan from the Pax which was akin to the sound of ultimate suffering. So I decided to take it easy on them…..

Warm Up:

SSH x 25
IW x 14
Windmills x 14
150 yard run

Balls of Pain: Fetch Edition
The balls of pain were brought out. One soccer ball had the exercises in sharpie written all over it. This ball was spun to determine the exercise. The second soccer ball was thrown with vim and vigor down the parking deck ramp and one Pax had to chase it while the others did the exercise. Each Pax got to chase twice for a total of 10 different exercises.

The Corkscrew:
Run over to the circular ramp at the opposite corner of the parking deck. 3 Pax stayed up top and performed jump lunges while another Pax was 3 stories down with the 30 lb Shaft doing bicep curls. The final Pax ran down the corkscrew with another 30 lb Shaft above his head. We switched off until everyone had one turn going up and down the ramp. We really only did one set of this. I originally had 3 other sets planned, but alas, time was short and Mary awaited.

LBCs x 30
Heels to the Heavens x 20
Russian Hammers x 15
Plank x 50
Putins x 50
Sarcosi x 50

COT and done!