The Holly Springs/Fuquay Region launched its 3rd weekly workout on Friday the 30th and Cletus aims for pain.  A crew of seven Pax welcomed Cletus to F3.

The Thang:

Jog to baseball fields for warmups (25 side straddle hop, 25 mountain climbers, 15 merkins, 1 minute chill cut plank hold, 15 imperial walkers)

Jacobs Ladder hill runs with burpees (start with 1 burpee up to 7 after last hill run)

Over to amphitheater for three rounds of (exercise, bear crawl about 40 yds, ab exercise)               1st round 20 jump ups onto amphitheater ledge, bear crawl, 20 LBC                                                2nd round 20 irkins, bear crawl, 20 freddy mercurys                                                                          3rd round 20 derkins, bear crawl, 20  LBC

Over to jungle gym for short ladder of pullups and merkins, three rounds (7 pull ups, 15 merkins) (5 pull ups, 10 merkins) (3 pull ups, 5 merkins)

Over to tennis courts for little longer mary than normal with rounds of twenty counts for two ab exercises with 20 count balls to wall mixed in between.

Moleskin: Prayers for Howard and his Wife as they work with a group to determine what type of mission work they will take on in the near future.  Prayers for New Mexico’s co-workers’ mother suffering from cancer.