Today was the launch of the first F3 workout in Wake Forest! It’s something that has been a long time coming and it’s great to see it is finally here. Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing all those gnarly headed Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill PAX, but I sure won’t miss the 30+ min drive to and from each workout. The 2 block commute is pretty cool! And how about this…18 PAX with 8 FNGs!

The Thang:
Warmup with SSH x 25, Imperial Walkers x 20, Sir Fazio forward and reverse x 10, Standard Merkins x 15. Butt kickers, high knees, and mosey down the hill to soccer field.

5 Stations for 5 Groups: (Set up in the formation of a star. Bear crawl 25 yrds from center to station, do exercise, bear crawl back to center, do 10 SSH, rotate to next station):

1) 10 Burpees

2) 20 Star Jumps

3) 30 Merkins

4) 40 Squats

5) 50 LBCs

Rinse and repeat!

Mosey to rock pile, find suitable rock.
In cadence, curls x 20, overhead press x 20, triceps extension x 15.


No Mary today as we needed additional time to name 8 FNGs. Next week we’ll make up for it!

Everyone gave it a great effort on their first day at Agoge! We’ve got a great location, great PAX, and I see big things coming for F3 Wake Forest!

Thanks for the support from the Raleigh PAX who drove the distance and from Private Ryan all the way from the great state of SC! Hope to see even more folks out next Monday!