A perfect morning for some new cinderblocks added to the workout arsenal.

Warm Up:  Lap around the front of the school to the side hill for backwards run up and forward down x10.  Continued to the circle in the back for SSH x30, Windmill x10, Good Morning x10, Fazio Arm Circles x10 forward x10 backwards, and slow to fast cadence Mountain Climber x20.

The PAX partnered up and jogged over to grab a cinderblock.  From there, everyone headed to the front of the school for a Dora consisting of 150 Wonderbras, 200 Tri-cep Extensions, and 250 Cinderblock Squats (cinder block held above head with a squat release on ledge).  The alternating partner ran a lap around the parking lot.

To wrap things up, there was just enough time for rotating 30 count curls passing the cinderblock between partners for 10 rounds.

Prayer Requests:  All unspoken