2017.  Kentucky vs. Carolina. 103-101.  Damn… so close, but alas, the Cats got the better of the Heels in the end.  Although certainly a disappointing for YHC, on the positive side it locked down the opportunity to venture beyond the familiar Saturday Churham AO, Thin Blue Line.  Banjo’s early season bet (and subsequent UNC loss to UK) led to the chance to Q the Carpex Saturday gem – The Phoenix.

The familiar (& new) faces waiting in the Bond Park parking lot were ready and waiting when Beano & YHC rolled into Cary. It should come as no surprise that Tecumseh was all jacked up ready to go.  Coupons sprawled all over the place.  Rucks, sandbags, slosh pipes and even solo-sized logs were waiting for us.  (Wait…I thought we were going for a nice, gently early morning ruck?  Uh…no).  Tecumseh instructed everyone to grab a coupon.  Along the scenic coupon-laced ruck stroll we stopped to enjoy the beautiful Cary Parks & Rec landscape and early-morning drone-piloting (slightly shady…although  I’m sure that guy said the same of us). Tecumseh ran us through squats, presses, Jack Webbs and lung walks.  Ollie suggested 60 minutes of burpees for the main event…which was becoming closer to reality given my thoughts of heading back to Churham.

We arrived back at our launch point and found some other random guys (Bert/Term Paper/Hermes/Bones/Ma Bell & more) loitering in the lot.  Bert had started his early morning drinking ritual and was kind enough to share his very best bottle of wine and two lukewarm flavored liquor-water with the visitors.  With new fuel in the tank and a fresh new University of Kentucky t-shirt & hat that had YHC looking GOOD!!..we were off.

SSH (IC x 103; see score above)
Arm Circles (IC x10 Fwd; IC x10 Rev)
BWS (IC x 51 = approx. 101 single count; see score above)
Merkins (IC x 15)

The warmup seemed to take longer than Hermes wanted, so he offered the kind reminder that there was more to scenic Bond Park that simply the parking lot.  With that urging (& Bert’s heaving breathing) – we took off for the damn.

The Thang
Partner up at the top of the damn.  Partner 1 runs down the hill (x5 burpees).  Partner 2 (Flutter kicks) until Partner 1 runs back up the hill.  Repeato (x7).
The view was so pretty we simply did not want to leave.  So… 5 burpees OYO; 5 burpees OYO;  5 burpees OYO… and another 5 burpees OYO.

We launched for location #2 of the day with Tecumseh helping to navigate for YHC.  The amphitheater pit stop allowed for all PAX to catch up and knock out a few dips (IC x20).  Keep moving through the woods to the playground for event #2.

Same partners prepare for the following cycle: pullups/merkins/flutters (2/5/10)…then (4/10/20)…then (6/15/30)…(8/20/40)…(10/25/50)…recover on the SSH.  Bad news: we’re going back down.  Good news: drop the flutters; we’re doing only pullups & merkins (8/20)…(6/15)…(4/10)…(2/5).

Check the clock and move on out to location #3.
Mosey along the street on our way back to the start point.  The final stretch of road offered some perfectly-spaced street lamps for our markings, so our final stretch between light posts included:
backwards, run, reverse walking-lunge, crawl bear& the beta-test of the reverse traveling burpee (burpee/jump backwards…repeato).   With the end in sight and 2 minutes to go… we circled up for COT.

Thanks for the hospitality and hilarious mumblechatter throughout the entire morning.   An honor to come over to CARPEx and be given the chance to lead such a strong PAX.

Prayers for Flip Flop & his family given the passing of his mother and thankfulness for the safe return home for Khaki while performing mission work in India.

Discussion highlighted the multiple CSAUP challenges throughout Churham & CARPEx and the desire to arrange another convergence.