14 pax enjoyed a typical tour of Crabtree parking decks on a seasonably cool morning. Here are some details for your reading pleasure!

SSH x30
Mountain Climbers x20
Windmills x20

The Thang
Mosey to curb, quick feet x20
Backward run up ramp, reverpees x20
Dirty Bird (for Countrywide, who USUALLY posts at Flood Zone) Carioke to the base of the next ramp
Backward run up ramp, reverpees x15
Dirty Bird Carioke to the base of the last ramp
Backward run up ramp, reverpees x10
Back down ramp

Girder-slap burpees from one end of deck to the other, 1 burpee per girder (whew!)

Recover on the run to Belk wall for BTW, 10-count by each pax

Recover on the run close to restaurants for 3 circuits of dips (20, 20, 15), Irkins (20, 20, 15) and Derkins (20, 20, 15)

Down stairs, over to escalators for a set of 7s: Merkins and LBCs

Up escalators, sprint up and back, with 10 hand-release Merkins at the turn

Back to the start (thank you, Wheezy for the push at the end!)

Collaborative Mary – thanks to Getty, MCO, Wilson, Elsinore, Baby Farley and Tinactin
American Hammer x30
Have a Nice Day (silent 30-count)
Homer to Marge x30
Boxcutters x20
Low, slow flutter x20
(Probably forgot one here)

Healing Transitions workout this afternoon
Mule March 4, 6am

Prayer Requests: for Man Ram and Mickey’s Bigmouth, whose fathers have recently passed

High Life out!