11 PAX came out strong today at Heavy Metal.  Perhaps it would have been an easy morning for these PAX to skip, given the cold and icy weather conditions and that yesterday was Christmas, and many of these PAX were off from work today.  But no — these Heavy Metal guys are a different breed and enthusiastically attacked today’s workout.  Well done.
Today a new piece of equipment was added to the Heavy Metal inventory.  Hint: Norm Duke, ESPN classic.
Jog a lap around the park
Side shuffle hop x 20
Good mornings x 20
Imperial walkers x 20
Sir Fazio arm circles x 10 (reverse)
Mountain climbers x 10
The PAX paired up and tackled a nine-station circuit, with two exercises ((a) + (b)) at each station of either max reps or 12 reps.  Time was called to switch stations after two minutes.
1(a)+(b): Dieter Charges (P1 and P2 sprint backwards up hill; jog down hill — repeat)
2(a): Heavy Kettle Bell Swing; 2(b): Single-leg Bulgarian Squats
3(a): Deadlift; 3(b): Standard Merkins
4(a)+(b): Medicine Ball Tosses over Fence
5(a): Pullups; 5(b) Dips
6(a): Jump-ups; 6(b): Decline Merkins
7(a): Sprints; 7(b): Reverse Bicep Curls
8(a): Bowling Ball (16 lbs) Jack Webbs; 8(b): Single-leg Deadlifts
9(a): Man Makers; 9(b): Jumping Lunges
World War II sit ups x 20
LBC’s x 20
American hammers x 20
1/1/14 convergence at Fletcher Park @ 0700
Mr. Rogers led us out in prayer. Asked for courage, strength, & healing for our brother Dufresne.