I believe we hit a Flood Zone blackjack, with 21 PAX strong including 2 FNG’s.  They were Chong Li’s cousins, and they were in it for Bloodsport.

Extra credit – Yo Yo led six PAX in a furious fifteen minutes of:

  • merkins
  • burpees
  • LBCs
  • plank-to-Chilcutts
  • :40 seconds on/:20 rest through four rounds

The Main Event:

Warmup – SSH X 15, wax on/wax off X 10 + reverse, place your imaginary bag in the overhead compartment X 15, inchworm X 15, standard merkins X 15, side plank punches X 10 each arm

Quick jog to stations, where PAX split into three groups for some OYO fun n’ games for a minute of as many reps of each exercise we could muster.

Station 1 – Sandbags

  • Ground-to-chest-to-overhead press
  • sandbag lunges,
  • sandbag woodchoppers
  • up & over squats
  • alternating arm merkins (on sandbag)
  • squats
  • curls

Station 2

  • Burpees
  • star jumps
  • mountain climbers
  • prisoner squats
  • merkin-to-Putin/merkin-to-Sarkozy
  • cross-body mountain climbers
  • squat jumps

Station 3 – Stairs – Run up one set of stairs, across to the other set, down the other side, and back to the start X 7

Switch back to Yo-Yo for a quick round of Mary

  • LBCs (X20)
  • Freddy Mercuries (X20)
  • ‘Merican hammers (X20)

Q did not manage the clock well…the greased up sled that was to be used for sandbag sled pulls will have to wait for some other time. Quick COT, followed by a reading from 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 that touched on discipline, both spiritually and physically.  Steroid led us out in prayer.  Great showing at coffeeteria afterwards. Let me know who I missed!