Good exercise and fun were had by all today out at Pullen Park (Original Raleigh – nothing better). Immediately following today’s workout, two PAX took the Ice Bucket Challenge. If you saw the Tweet then you know one of them. Read on for the other….


Run around the lake then circle up. SSH (50x – FD smirks); Imperial Walkers (15x); SSH (30x – FD smirks); Windmills (15x); SSH (20x – FD smirks).

Partner up. P1 runs around the lake while P2 alternates between Diamond Merkins and WWI sit-ups — constant movement is the key. Flapjack. Once more with P2 alternating between Wide Grip Merkins and High, Slow Flutters. Flapjack.

Tunnel of Love. Apparently there is another version of this exercise. We did it the real way, with each PAX planking and taking a turn to crawl through.

Single Leg Deadlifts – Right (30x).

Tunnel of Love (again).

Single Leg Deadlifts – Left (30x).

Half Pipe: Burpees on one side, run to the other and perform Prisoner Squats, then run back — 5x, 4x….

Rock Recovery: Curls (20x); Tricep Extensions (20x); Shoulder Press (10x).

Tennis Courts (eventually):
P1 Lunge Walks down and sprints back while P2 does Balls to the Wall. Flapjack.
P1 Bear Crawls down and sprints back while P2 does People’s Chair. Flapjack.
P1 sprints down and back while P2 does People’s Chair. Flapjack.

Run to Picnic Area:
Left, Right Step Ups (20x); Derkins (15x); Box Jumps (15x); Dips (15x).

Run to home base for quick Mary: WWII Sit-ups (20x).

COT. Refreshments were served.

**Labor Day**: 7 AM workouts at Zero Hour, Crucible, and Agoge.
Sign up for the Mud Run (Oct. 4).
Sign up for the Mule (Oct. 25).
9/11 convergence at Crabtree Valley Mall. 5:30 AM start time.

Tecumseh took us out in a strong prayer.

But it ain’t over. Following the workout we had two perfectly good buckets of frigid ice water from the refreshments. It would have been silly to just dump them. Maize and Grease Monkey, completely drenched in sweat, accepted the Challenge and each dumped a bucket of ice water on himself. Going from extreme hot to extreme cold, their reactions were highly entertaining (e.g., Tweet pic). Let’s make this a regular thing.