A 445am alarm hits you smack in the face when you’re the QIC for a 515am start.  It’s even worse when a thunderstorm rolls in at 2am and the dogs come into your room to let you know.  As YHC walked out the door, the humidity reminded me that this is still August despite the fall like conditions we’ve had of late.  Today was going to be a steamer. In the end, 29 PAX posted for another edition of Flood Zone this AM. With regard to the BB title, I came across this quote while preparing for today’s downpainment and decided to add some new exercises that I hoped would challenge the PAX at all levels. Let’s do this!

THE THANG (Extra Credit:  515-530am) 6 PAX rolled in early for Extra Credit, although Sooner arrived “sooner” not knowing what he might be walking into.  When we found out Orwell had invited him but was nowhere to be seen, all kinds of ideas started pouring through our minds for some good mumblechatter on our good friend Mr. 1984. Props to Sooner for joining us for an extra credit helping of pain.

  • Jog to stairwell near Panera entrance [brief stop as we thought Sooner was an FNG and YHC forgot to give the disclaimer…notice given and we ran up to the top for some warm-ups]
  • Circle up – SSH x 20
  • Level 1 Drills OYO – Drop down to Plank position, do four (4) 1-count Merkins + 8 Mountain Climbers (1 count per leg), jump back up.  We repeated this at least 5-6 times.
  • Run down the stairwell and back up
  • Level 2 Drills OYO – same as Level 1 but do eight (8) 1-count Merkins + 8 Mountain Climbers.  We repeated this at least 5 times
  • Run down the stairwell and back up
  • Level 3 Drills OYO – same as before but do sixteen (16) 1-count Merkins + 16 Mountain Climbers.  We repeated this 4 times.
  • Recover on the Run across the top level parking lot to the far staircase near the Edwards Mill entrance, go down 1 set of stairs, jog across parking deck to next staircase, go down 1 set of stairs and then jog down the ramps to meet the rest of the PAX.

 THE THANG (Regular:  530-615am) With a large crowd gathered, YHC gave the 1 min notice, a brief repeat of the “quote of the day” and then we were off for warm-ups.

  • Jog about 200 yards to an open spot in the parking lot and circle up for warm-ups
  • SSH x 25 [about 10 in, YHC had the PAX put their hands behind their head and then we did a squat and finished SSH to 25]
  • YHC then introduced the Burpee Buster [5 burpee types, 6 reps each – no 10 counts]


  1. Standard Burpees x 6
  2. Ski Ab Burpees x 6 (don’t forget the merkin before you pop back up)
  3. Jump Knee Tuck Burpees x 6
  4. Prison Cell Merkin Burpees x 6
  5. Burpee Lunges x 6 (3 lunges per leg)

NOTE to PAX:  the alternate version of this is to go through the cycle twice within 6 minutes.  We’ll save that for a future post.  In the endearing words of Ric Flair

To be the Man, Youve got to beat the man. And to beat the man, you got to walk that line baby! Aloha is the man right now, but beware, the old man is never going to give up and he will catch you. Every dog has his day! Woooooooo
To be the Man, Youve got to beat the man. And to beat the man, you got to walk that line baby!

Warm-up over.  Recover on the Jog across creek bridge to greenway trail, turn left towards Blue Ridge Road.  Jog about 100 yards and then form 2 lines on both sides of the trail for some stretching.

  • Good AM’s x 10
  • Windmills x 10

Stay in your lines and continue the run down the trail to the rock pile under the Glenwood Ave. bridge.  Pick a Rock [mumblechatter ensued as PAX wondered how long they’d be with this little friend].  After most of the PAX had their rock, we held them over our head waiting for two more.

  • 4 count Cadence Curls x 10
  • Hang with your rock but don’t let it touch the ground
  • 4 count Cadence Shoulder Press x 10
  • Hang with your rock again
  • 4 count Cadence Tricep Extensions x 10
  • Put rocks down, 10 count rest, pick up rocks
  • 4 count cadence Rows x 10
  • Put rocks away

YHC handed the Q over to Duff who led us back to the parking garage on a run over to the much loved outdoor ramp incline.

  • Bear Crawl to the top (about 100 yards)
  • Plank at the top

Partner up for the next installment of pain

  • Partner carry halfway across the top of the ramp to the first island w/ elevator (about 50-75 yards?)
  • Carrying partner drops to low plank, other partner does Burpee Suicides x 10 (jump over partners legs and do 5 burpees on each side).
  • Flapjack on the Partner Carry to the other end by the Belk entrance (about 50-75 yards)
  • Other partner now does Burpee Suicides x 10
  • Run back to the start

REPEATO with 6 Burpee Suicides

Merkin pyramid to 8 (this one really required embracing the suck).  If you’ve not done this, you start in plank and do 1 merkin, a 5 count, then 2 merkins, a 5 count, etc. up to 8 and then back down.  Not fun.  If you came for extra credit, your Merkin total today exceeded 200. Recover on the run across the top deck, down the stairwell to level 1 for Mary

  • WWII Situps x 20
  • LBCs x 20 or 25
  • Crunchy Frog x 20
  • Merican Hammer x 20


  • Countarama (29 total)
  • Nameorama
  • Announcements
  1. Mud Run – signup’s still available.  touch base with Gnard Dogg
  2. Orwell and Cinderella collecting $$ to help cover Cujo’s cost for the Mud Run [Cujo is one of the PAX from the Raleigh Rescue Mission – post to Metamorphasis on Wednesday at Moore Square if you want to meet him]
  3. 9/11 Stair Climb will be at Crabtree Valley Mall.  Spread the word, just don’t invite any media.  Expecting around 120+ PAX so please carpool if you can.
  4. Labor Day Convergence – 7am workouts at the following locations only:  Crucible (Williams Park – North Raleigh), Zero Hour (Jaycee Park – Central Raleigh) and Agoge (Wake Forest – Southeastern Baptist Seminary campus)
  5. F2 event tonight – Fridays at Ridgewood Beer (Ridgewood shopping center off Wade Avenue)
  6. Metamorphasis and The Arena – both are opportunities to give back to men who need encouragement – heck, we all need it.  Consider signing up to Q or support those workouts.  Cinderella is site Q for Metamorphasis and Duff/Countrywide are site Q’s for The Arena.
  7. F3 Foundation – Steroid shared that we’re looking for ideas on community service through this foundation.  Contact him if interested. This is real opportunity to serve and give back.

Cinderella closed us out strong with prayer.  Have a great Labor Day weekend!