Saturday was my 100th post since joining F3 at the beginning of June.  8 pounds and 3/4 of my triglycerides later, I’m in the best shape of my post-college life and I’m loving all three Fs.  To celebrate, I went back to my second post…the Monday that will live in infamy.  Floppy Disk had the Q for Burpee Golf at Agoge on June 5th…20 burpees at each of the 9 holes on the Paschal Golf Course at the Seminary.  This morning, I diluted it a bit to only 10 burpees per makeshift hole in the Falls River parking lot so we’d have time for rocks afterwards…even so, I believe the disgust was felt by all.


Warm Up

-Side Straddle Hops

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles (forward and reverse)

-Good Mornings

-“The Grinder” Leg Stretches

-Moroccan Nightclubs

-Sumo Squats


The Thang

 Burpee Golf – run to the first hole (cone) and do 10 burpees; wait for all to finish before teeing off on the next hole


-Hole 1 – “No Mercy; Yes, Sensei” – 405 yards to the Taekwondo dojo

-Hole 2 – “Not so Chubby” – 112 yards to Chubby’s Tacos

-Hole 3 – “Smells Like Bleach” – 245 yards to Food Lion

-Hole 4 – “No Frills for $1.50 (per Shirt)” – 121 yards to Falls River Cleaners

-Hole 5 – “Loading Dock” – 201 yards to the rear of Ace Hardware

-Hole 6 – “No Frills for $1.50 (per Tooth)” – 157 yards to the dentist’s office

-Hole 7 – “When’s the Early Bird?” – 112 yards to just outside the retirement home property

-Hole 8 – “Weeeee” – 254 yards and down the ramp near the entrance to the shopping center

-Hole 9 – “Alcatraz” – 291 yards to the rock pile


Pick up a man’s rock and circle up in the parking lot


10 more burpees to make it an even 100 for the morning


Set 1 of rocks (OYO, break them down however you want; help your buddy finish when you’re done):

-50 bicep curls

-50 chest/bench press

-50 squats


Set 2 of rocks:

-50 triceps extensions

-50 standing twists

-50 Hakuna Matatas (lift your rock (Simba) from near the ground up into the air)


10 Mike Tysons on the curb








Count-a-rama:  9 PAX


Announcements:  The Petting Zoo is open on Monday at 0545 at Honeycutt Park.  VHS is the site Q.


Good work!  It’s been a great first 100 posts, and I’m looking forward to the next 100.  It was an honor to lead you this morning.