On this humid saturday morning one of the pax described the day’s pain game quite succinctly: “Villa has left and his evil alter-ego, VILLASTEIN, has taken his place.” The short and sweet:

Warm-up: SSHx30, Good Mornings x21, Cross Imperial Walkers x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Fazio Arm Circles x20

Upon finishing our warm up, and dishing out a healthy serving of ribbing on those who showed up late, we made the journey up to the Coliseum parking deck top floor for Line Painters x10. GORUCK taught me many things, and one of those was that if you need to get somewhere there is no better way to travel than by bear crawl. Seeing as we needed to be on the Third level, and we were on the Fourth, Bear Crawls down the ramp ensued. Light jog around the Third level of the deck to the top of the next ramp for some Lunge Walking. Light jog again around the Second level to our last ramp: Sprint to End of Ramp, Burpees x5, Back Peddle Sprint to Top of Ramp. Repeat x3.

With the pax now breathing hard enough to be considered a major contributor to global warming (or is it call ‘climate change’ now?) we moved on to the Pullen tennis courts for a little more fun: Balls to the Wall/Vertical Merkins x20, Burpees x5, Jog around court. Repeat x2. As in life, everything comes full circle, and so we head back towards our starting point to the Mary Field.

Key West jumps in to set the boys straight with a circle of 6″ leg holds at a 5 count to each while YHC retrieved everyones new friend Melinda, the 25# cement block. Why did Melinda join us, you ask? For the circle of death, of course. Circle up: each pax runs the outside of the circle carrying Melinda while the remainder do what ever exercise he has called. Diamond Merkins, Burpees, Rosalitas, LBCs, and many others were invited to this part.

Sufficiently burnt out, COT was called a few moments early to allow for each man to not only give his name, F3 name, and age, but also tell us why he started and continued to attend F3. Only good reasons were given.

Quote of the Day: If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.” Dalai Lama XIV