Little did our Durham PAX know when they woke up this morning that a power, far greater than any they’ve ever known, had dealt them each a terrible punishment – Why? Does there need to be a reason? They forgot to grab a gallon of milk, drop v2.0 off at soccer practice, or were a bit “too friendly” to the cashier… but thankfully, each were given a reprieve, as their brothers were able to take some of their burden onto themselves and lessen their punishment… and thus was born “The Fellowship Games” (beta test)

Warmup: SSH x20, Windmills x15, IW x15, Arm Circles & Stretches

Flying J – 200 mountain climbers – each PAX did 100 LBCs, bringing Flying J’s total down to 50
Seinfeld – 100 jump lunges – each PAX did 50 russian hammers bringing Seinfeld’s total down to 25
Floyd – 100 burpees – each PAX did 50 merkins bringing his total down to 25
Riggs – 100 merkin twists – each PAX did 50 dips bringing his total to 25
Doogie – 50 pull ups – each PAX did 25 burpees to bring the pain to 13

Now with the confusing part of the workout over (that’s why we beta test things!)…
low slow flutter x20, hello dollys x20
3 sets of 10 tuck jumps & 5 derkins
8 flights of stairs as fast as possible
high slow flutter x10


Saturday – Riggs & Flying J take the helm