14 men of the warrior code marched onto the bog last Thursday morning.  The advance team for Laurel Hills long since departed.  Fungo came back from Six Sigma & Hawaii Five Plebe came back from the Big Island.

The Thang:

Circle of 14 stops, 12 foot diameter, each stop having its own nifty orange cone.

50 lbs KB, 35 lbs KB, El Jefe, Cinder Block, Cinder Block, Flat Cinder Block, 3 Medicine Balls, Paving Stones (Literally), Other Stuff

The idea was we would have one big circle of a workout, and, in a departure from traditional Heavy Metal curriculum, we would call the cadence count throughout.  So we did.

All sorts of presses, Orwellian Bench Presses, Front Lunges, Side Lunges, Squats, Jane Webbs.  We’d rotate a series of leg reps and then arms and then we’d rotate the circle clockwise.  At approximately 15 minute intervals, we would run to the top of Mental Note Hill for a short sprint.  We’d then return and do some more.


The moleskin:

  • Orwell and Wilson are the Bobby Bowden to Maize’s ole Ball Coach.  To my surprise, about 15 pax (not really) piled out of Wilson’s truckster.  I lost count.
  • A nice lady and her dog ran by, followed in close order by a nice man and his dog.  The two were related.  Somewhere across the field, pax recognized trailing man/dog.  The topic of F3 had previously been broached, so it was apparently appropriate to scream “Don’t Run Away from Your Fate…” across the bog.  So there was that.  We may have a slogan brothers.
  • 2 FNGs at Heavy Metal this morning: Pep Boy, who was named in 2 seconds, and Bushwood, who had to be coaxed to the finish line.
  • A single tear was shed for the fact that Wendell Gee was not present for a Caddy Shack naming reference.  He is a singer in a band.  He used to workout with us.
  • Heavy Metal meets Twitter:  Fun fact for long time listeners–YHC’s foray into the twitterverse, coupled with multiple #heavymetal references has produced at least two follow from what appear to be minor league Euro heavy metal music scene afficionados.
  • Tune in this week for the return of Flatline and his concentric-ish circles.