Cardiac’s Cardio workout

No good story behind this workout, just the hope to get everyone’s heart rate up and keep it up for the entire workout.

WU: Lap around the peanut with high knees, butt kickers and some backwards running.

SSH x 27, Goodmornings x 10, Hillbillies x 10

The Thang:

Current USA Olympics medal count: 30 golds, 32 silvers, and 31 bronze. First set 30 merkins to celebrate the 30 golds. Then 32 plank front to back jumps for the 32 silvers that needed just a little more work. Then 31 burpees for the 31 bronzes that needed even more extra work, the 31 burpees were broken up with 2 sprint/jug laps around the peanut.

The painground circuit:

Drifters on the swings, mountain climbers against the wall, over and back rock jumps and step back lunges with rocks. 2 cycles through the set with timing based on completing 25 drifters. Then return rock to rock pile and line up for sprint to soccer field. Last place on the sprint received 10 burpees to give out to the PAX. Last place made us all feel lazy by doing all 10 himself.

Soccer field circuit:

1/2 field sprints, mak-tar-ji’s, bear crawls, bunny hops, crawl bears. Then everyone including YHC was smoked so Mary circuit was called to remind us of the Olympic medal count: 30 LBC’s, 32 Flutter kicks, 31 russian (IOC) hammers. Still had extra time so tacked on some sprints and karaoke.

Recovery jog back to the cars for some name-o-rama and announcements while in an ab tuck position. Why waste time just standing for name-o-rama when you could be doing some abs?

QIC: Cardiac
Workout Date: 8/18/16
The PAX: Cardiac, Sweats, Floyd, Beeker, Tuco, GTL, Shovel, Dream Catcher

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