Disney was like breathing through a wet towel as one member said this morning in the gloom. With the Olympics winding down, I thought we should attempt the Usainity that is going on in Rio. We had 7 PAX ready at 0530 and 1 straggler…(Brony) making it a great 8. Here’s how it went down.

Lap around soccer fields for warm up.
SSH x30
Mountain Climbers x30
Ankle touch squats x30
Mucho leg stretches

To the track and field…aka turf field.
Partner up with like speed for 100M races. 4 heats in total. Timing the winner of each heat. (This actually turned out to be a little over 100M, I believe)
Once all races were completed, we lunged back for a 20 count, then broad jumps x10. Repeat until we reach our starting place.

Berkin Crawl Insanity
Light jog over to “The Stairs”. Two lines bear crawling down. At each platform do 5 merkins until you get to the bottom. I believe there were 7 platforms for a total of 35 merkins going down. Catch some wet air for a moment. Then bear crawl back up with 5 merkins at each platform. Needless to say, this was a beat down.

Slow jog to the playground area. Get your partners. One person holds the pull up wheel and does rows while the partner holds your ankles straight out x10. Switch partners. Other 2 groups are doing dips x20 and box jumps x20 on the wall. Rinse and repeat for another round.

More Usainity
Back to the turf for 2 final heats. Losers bracket race down and winners bracket race down. Moby had the fastest wheels of the day.

Circle up for Mary. Each person called an ab x15. Freddy Mercuries, Low slow flutter, hello dolly, LBC’s, windshield wipers, russian hammers

COT. Prayers for all PAX present and MIA. Reminders of events coming up soon. Talk of switching out site q’s to get new blood circulating. Possible Q training school to be lead in Southwake. BS closed in prayer.

Great work today guys! Enjoyed every sucking minute of it.