11 Pax.  77 degrees.  High humidity. Franklin has big hair.  No wind.   Full moon.   11 PAX.   Music.   Cones.  Flip Chart Weinke.

Warm Up:  Fellowship run to the front of the kitchen and bath store.  Merkins, GM, IW, drop the bag with tunes, phone and cones.  Well so much for the perfect 10.  All counts are a 7….about right.


  • Fellowship run back to the parking lot hill behind the church.
  • Jacob’s ladder.  Burbees at the top and squats at the bottom.  Up to 7
  • Over to the underutilized circle. Where the pin is dropped…..merkin-a-rama
  • 11 guys…around the circle. Hold plank while each Pax does Merkin 1 around, then 2 around up to 7 all while holding a plank.
  • Back to the parking lot hill for some 7’s.   Star jumps and jump knee tucks.
  • Mosey over to the grass for a core pyramid
  • 5-10-15-10-5  Of American Hammer and then Make Tar Eye.
  • Mosey to the flag….7 plank jacks.


I clustered it.  Nuff said.  Good stuff.  Lots of respect today.  Good work by all especially Wilbur, Biner, and Mr. Roboto.  We counted, we named and we announced and the Franklin took us out.   Love me some BO.