With the Spartan Sprint at Ft. Bragg less than a month away, it was time to do some work on a few classic spartan obstacles. Today we would do some climbing, carrying, crawling (3 Cs) and of course some burpees (a B).

SSH x 25
IW x 25
Windmill x 15

The Thang:
I setup 4 stations for this mornings fun, with two man teams cycling through all stations for 45 minutes.

Station #1, bucket carry. Five gallon buckets filled with gravel. Carry your bucket with arms wrapped around it (no shoulder carries), through the trees, down the hill, loop back and up hill to the starting point. Distance about 100 yards

Station #2, rope climb. Climb to the top of the rope (about 12-15 ft). YHC only had 3/4″ rope, the 1.5″ rope at the race will be easier/better.

Station #3, low crawl/roll. 75 – 100 yards. Simulate the barbed wire crawl.

Station #4, 30 burpees. Each obstacle you fail to complete at a Spartan Race results in a 30 burpee penalty. Gotta get used to 30 burpees!

LBC x 25
Freddie Mercury x 25
6″ leg hold 10 count around the circle

Strong work by all on a hot soupy morning! The low crawl turned out to be pretty nasty since apparently the Seminary grounds crew must have put out fertilizer or something recently. Most/all of the PAX ended up with some kind of rash/burns on their arms and legs, wherever skin was bare. I think we’ll save the low crawl for the race from now on!

Pee-wee took us out with strong words and continued prayers for Chimi’s 2.0, Liam. Liam is making progress and gaining weight with the new formula. Thanks for everyone’s support on the GoFundMe page!
Still not too late to sign up for the Ft. Bragg Spartan Race on 9/10, team name F3Raleigh.
9/11 Stair Climb at Carter Finley Stadium. Arrive at 0630 to begin climbing at 0700.