The weather was perfect, dark and cold, for some f3 goodness.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25
Arm Circles x 10
Good Mornings x 10
Burpees x 10

1/4 mile jog with merkins, air squats, high knees, backwards running

The Thang:

2x 30 wall jumps
2x 30 lunge jumps
Run with rocks over head to curb stop area.
2x 30 squated leg cross overs while holding rocks
2x 30 jump tucks
Side shuffle with rocks over head to playground
2x 20 merkins
2x 20 inverted merkins
2x 10 pull ups
2x 10 v-ups on the swings

Return the rocks back to their home and head to the turf field

2x suicides (midfield and back and full field and back) plank till all were done


30x diamonds in the sky
30x Russian hammers
30x 6in leg lifts

The PAX was happy to have hit the legs hard, but because of some miscommunication the next Cardiac Q will be ALL legs!