YHC returned to the Q this morning after a lengthy paternity leave. Not feeling like looking a fool with a lengthy run, he opted for a parking lot pain fest to kill the quads.

Warm up: SSH x 25, GM x 15, SFACF x 10, SFACB x 10.

Quick Feet x 25, Irkins x 10, Quick feet x 25

To the Track, divide into ones and twos.

Ones do 5 burpees at each of four corners, running in between. Twos did random called ab work. FLAPJACK

Ones: 10 Merkins at each corner running the longs and lunge walking the shorts. Twos: plankarama FLAPJACK

Ones: 10 Squats at each corner, bear crawl between the short ends. Twos: LBCs while waiting. FLAPJACK.


LBC x 30, Rosalita x 10, Hello Dolly x 10, Rosadolly x 10, Jane Fonda x 20 (ten each side), WWII x 25, six inch x 5 around.

To the curb for quick feet x 25, offset merkins x 10 each (OYO).

There was certainly more, but YHC cannot remember.

It was decided that Sputnik might be the fastest bear crawler in the Nation. Even Compared to White Shoe. That conversation led to the first BO Challenge. We challenge Whiteshoe to leave the comforts of the Beltline and venture to the land of the BO for a bear crawl challenge. Our money is on Sputnik.


Happy Hour Tonight, Fortnight Brewery in Cary. Banjo is there now, the rest of the Pax will arrive around 1900.

F3 Raleigh Quarterly Meeting. Players Retreat. Tuesday 1/27. 2000.

Krispy Kreme Challenge. 2/14. See the inter webs for details.