Pax of 8 makes a net elevation gain of zero…. the hard way.  Just like Usain Bolt.

Run to greenway trail head. 20 ssh, 15 windmill, 10 King David kicks, calf stretch.

Run to bottom of trail hill.  3 sets of strides up to bridge and back with plank/10 Mericans up top and plank/10 spider Mericans down low.  Focus on high driving knees, arms pumping, and run on your toes.

Sprints across bridge 4x with plank/10 Mericans each side (we call that “recovery”)

Stride down hill to Meredith tunnel and back up to bridge.  Plank.

Run down to Trailhead. 10 prisoner squats then finish out with a stride up Horton to Martin lot.  Circle up and 25 LBC.

Mud Run coming up. Prayers for Burt’s friend.

Good solid work by the Pax.

Let’s be careful out there.