YHC issued a Surf Advisory on twitter last night calling for High Surf and advising the Pax “If in doubt, don’t go out.” Funny how that works. As the seconds ticked down to kickoff, the cars kept rolling in. Before I knew it, there was a crowded lineup of 23 Pax, bobbing in the surf and ready to drop-in to whatever Dawn Patrol had to dish out. It was a beautiful thing.

Flag planted and disclaimer given for a Scubba Steve recruited FNG. Leave it to the guy from Wilmington to bring an FNG to surf camp. Let’s do this.

Warm Up
We need more room. Jog down the trail to the soccer field. Circle up.
10 Burpees OYO
SSH  x25
Mt. Climbers x25
Plank Jacks x15
Imperial Walkers x20

Four Corners, Four Sets
Waves come in sets. Ours were delivered in 4s. Pax divided into four groups and found a corner. Do an exercise, run to the next corner and repeat till the set is done. Plank work in-between while you wait for the next set to come in.
Set 1: 15 Merkins OYO
Set 2: 15 Prisoner Squats IC
Set 3: 15 CDDs OYO
Set 4: 10 Burpees OYO

Run for the Fences
Mosey to upper Baseball Field
Line up on 1st base fence – People’s Chair, BTW x roughly 45sec each
Sprint to center field fence – BTW, People’s Chair
Sprint to backstop fence – People’s Chair, BTW

Snack at the Tiki Hut
Run over to the Shelter
Irkins x15
Alternating L/R Step-ups x15
Dirkins x8 (pick your poison, bench or tabletop)
Rinse and Repeat x3

Rockin Mary
Mosey to pile, grab a rock and circle up in the grass
Drop your rock, 10 Burpees OYO
Grab your rock, Flutter Kick w/ Overhead Rock Hold
American Rock Hammers
Six-Inch Hold w/ Rock Press
Tricep Extensions
Drop your rock, LBCs
We did a bunch of each of these. I have no idea how many. But we did them.

Count off, Name-o-rama, Announcements, and Prayers
Welcome FNG Scanner
Azul led us out in prayer including a great little story

Great to see so many familiar faces. As a Raleigh native, it’s great to see guys I went to school with out in the gloom. Slowly but surely more and more are finding their way.
Near the end of our Four Corners set, I called 10 Burpees OYO. This was to be a break before doing our last set (originally planned to be LBCs). But the Pax, spread out to each corner figured I meant 10 burpees at each corner and started rotating. Franzia suggested I could call an audible to get everyone back on track. But as I saw it, it was the Pax that had called the audible. And we were committed. And it was beautiful.

Always a pleasure and an honor,