YHC in attempt to train for the Krispy Kreme Challenge had lots of running in store for the PAX; and still Callahan requested for very little running. HA. This sucked even for the YHC who was totally gassed and deservedly received some unfavorable mumble chatter as well as some audibles from Ma Bell and CK.

This was not an FNG friendly day with no resting 10 counts; two of the newer Pax had to abbreviate their workout.


Jog to Black Creek overlook

20ct Mountain climbers

20ct Windmills

20ct Mike Tyson’s


Jacobs Ladder – modified:

Split into 1s and 2s

Starting at the creek bridge [that is at the bottom of the hill for DZ newbies], 1s run to top of hill, 10 of chosen exercise, return to bottom.

2s at bottom of hill in cadence complete alternate 20 merkins or drydocks, 10 of same chosen exercise, then plank till all 1s return

7 total hill sets


Lungejumps; left then right = 1

Squat jump with feet in and out

Crab kickers; left then right = 1

Kneeslap jumps

Air squats

Sumo squat


Return to halfway up hill to bridge for some peoples chair, allowing for Pax to sufficiently stay together after dealing with hills all morning.

Return to shelter for some CRACK lead 20ct slutters, 20ct hello dolly, followed with some 6 inch leg hold


Prayers for Saben’s friend whose child died yesterday in TX, Burt’s co-worker whose son was killed Monday, and a couple of others.

As is my routine, YHC likes to get to know the Pax. The Pax shared something about their children. Callahan and M are still in practice mode. Capt Hook, 18 year old son of Ma Bell was careful to not say a thing.

YHC appreciated the chance to lead such a great group of men including our guest Crack from Charlotte.