First thing to note:  Blue Crush had a great idea – since Late Night starts at 6:00, there is a chance for extra credit starting at 5:45 from now on.  Quick round of sprints, burpees and the like…start showing up at 5:45.

A solid group of 28 PAX gathered in strength to start the day right.  Two new FNGs took the challenge as well.  Welcome Midol and She-He (orginal spelling of Sheehey, an old UVA basketball player vehemently hated by Wendell Gee…the new spelling is better.)

a quick warm up to give time for the battle:

SSHx20, Imperial Walkers (slowed down)x 15

The Thang:

Into the gloom we go, running towards the car lot.  partner up and piggyback across the bridge stopping on the other side for a round of planks, LPH and the like.  Q-Tip failed on the 10 count (doctors…)  next bridge flapjack piggyback.

At the lot:  merkins X 10, LPH : 3 rounds then on to gassers

round 1: partner 1 stays on the line for merkins, while P 2 runs to first pole for 10 starjumps.  Flapjack.

round 2: P1 for burpees, P2 to pole for squats.  Flapjack.

round 3: P1 for ski abs, P2 for burpees

Merry in the middle:  LBC pyramid to 20 and back then a full lot sprint to the rock pile. grab a stone friend.  10 chest presses, 10 tripcep curls, 10 bicep curls…5 rounds of this.

partner up sitting back to back passing a single stone – like the medicine ball pass X 15.  follow up with squat pyramid with stone friend up to 15 and back down.

Light jog back to other end of lot…courtesy of Linda for a quick burpee suicide.  Jog back stopping at the long bridge for piggyback then flapjack at the usual sprint location back to the beginning.

Merry of American Hammers x 40 and Guantanamo…always best with a large group.

prayer request for Hairband’s dad who is in eye surgery today and Hushpuppy’s friend battling cancer.

solid prayer by Gnobby at the end.

Good job all!