Flood Zone had a strong showing this morning with some familiar faces and some new. Hard work and effort was put forth by all even with the shortcomings of YHC this morning. A record 21 pax were able to put up with this warbaby with 4 braving the extra credit.

The thang…

YHC has temporarily misplaced his watch and was running on feel this morning so a few things were altered, such as the plan for the EC.

Early 15

Run to second level, split into 2 groups
1’s backwards run up ramp, 15 merkins sprint back down
2’s are planking until 1’s return.

1’s backward run ramp, 10 jump squats, sprint down
2’s do peoples chair until 1’s return

1’s backwards run, 10 burpees, sprint down
2’s plank until 1’s return.
Jog back down to find full group

Regular 45

SSH x 26
Windmill x 15

Start the climb
3 ramps, 3 flat levels

1st climb
Backwards run the ramp, bear crawl the flats, 20 merkins before ascending each ramp
plank at the top then head down stairs to the bottom

2nd Climb
Backwards run the ramps, Sprint the flats, 10 Burpees(i think) before ascending each ramp
plank at the top and then head down the stairs

3rd Climb
Gorilla crawl, AUDIBLE, or bear crawl the ramps, jog the flats, 20 merkins before ascending each ramp
plank at the top then head back down stairs.

Pick up Ernie who had been wandering around pottery barn looking for the pax but better late than never

Run to bridge entrance of the mall over crabtree creek, which is a terribly dangerous spot and I don’t ever recommend any future Q’s using for exercises.. But we did this morning..

Decline merkins x 20
Dips x 20
Decline merkins x 20 or so
Dips x 20

Run back to cars for Mary
LBC’s x 40
Freddie mercury x 30
Merican Hammer x 30
Plank hold 10 count around the circle

-T claps to Bob Villa, Hooch, and Epoxy for braving the EC, turned out to be just extra backwards runs
-Welcome to Bird Hole from Charlotte, Hope you leave out some of the rougher details when you talk about this workout, and thanks for being the timekeeper.
-Sign up for USMC Mud Run now. We can figure out teams later if you don’t have one yet. Deadline is Nov. 11th
-Flatline has the Q next week

Prayer Requests for Steroids friend diagnosed with cancer

Closing Prayer Courtesy of Deliverance