Start off with a short run down to the Eng Building courtyard for some Body Rocks x20, Bridge Marches x15 ea leg, Hello Dolly’s x20 and walking lunges x20.  Next we did a five man Indian run over to the Engineering Lab building to grind out some Australian, or Austrian if you, like chin ups x15 on the rail.  Next up, high slow flutters x15 and LBHCs (little bear hug crunches) x 20.  Then, back on the rail for Australian pull ups, or whatever you didn’t do last time.  It was a short term memory test for some.  I believe Fungo just did what he felt, in his heart, was right.  Next, a tiny jog to the opposing end of the field for some calf raises x20 on the stairs followed by a complete breakdown in workout protocol.  Let’s just say exercises should, at least, be thought through more than 30 seconds in advance.  Moving on we ran down to the soccer field for four sets of sprints.  In between, we did a couple exercises including, variation scissor kicks x20, standard merkins x15, cannonballs x15, Freddie Mercuries x20 and diamond merkins x20.  With that complete, we scaled the cliff back on to the road and began our climb from base camp.  We stopped half way for incline merkins x15 and 5 full sized pull-ups.  Tarp gets extra credit since he was feeling the pull-ups and did another round.  If the mood hits him right, it’s best to just let him finish.  Finally, we finish the run and put another Wolf Run in the books.  Short run today 2.75mi.

COT:  Tarp: “Banks Closed on Monday.  Get yo money now.”

For a description of any unknown exercises listed, check out The Periodic Table of Workouts graciously tweeted by Bob Vila.  Thank you kind sir.