Three courageous PAX ventured out into a mid-30s morning to get their weekend started right. The loss of Daylight Savings Time illuminated the proceedings, which evolved amid a glorious array of fall color and pink clouds hovering over the proceedings (violin please). In salute to the opening of basketball season, the Four Corners was brought out of mothballs.
The Thang
Warm Up 15 each
* Wind Mills
* IW
* Little Arm Circles
* Bigger Arm Circles
* Air Squats
* Merkins
Mosey to rocky amphitheater for Jacob’s Ladder.
* 1 Derkin w/feet on rock.
* Sprint up hill.
* 8 Burpees.
Repeat seven times, counting up Derkins and down Burpees.
Mosey to kids’ playground.
* Two PAX do 6-8 pullups on monkey bars and one does 10 Peter Parkers. Rotate total of six circuits.
Mosey to big soccer fields for Four Corners:
* Four exercises 10 reps each in first corner: Merkins, Carolina Dry Docks, Jump Lunges, Russian Hammers.
* Run to second corner, repeat.
* Run to third corner, repeat.
* Run to fourth quarter, repeat.
* Run back to first corner, repeat.
Mosey to restroom building.
* 30 count Peoples’ Chair.
* 30 count Balls to Walls.
* Repeat once.
Mary (10 each)
* Rosalitas
* Hello Dollies
* Flutters
* In-and-Outs
* Pulse-Ups
* Freddie Mercury
* WWII sit-ups. (20)
A vote was taken and Rodeo was fired for general slackness.
Looking forward to earning my spot back next week, coach. Aye!