Cold weather means you better bundle up buttercup and get out of the fartsack to post with your brothers.  YHC has been pumped to get the first Regional shirts for JOCO and then be able to speak to a group of Men at Crossroads on Thursday night and see the amazing power of getting 80+ guys together to grow and push each other spiritually. Hoping to see some new faces as many SC (soft commits) were tossed around from the Crossroads crew. YHC was hit hard when the story came out about the RPD cop getting shot only being out from the Academy a year it made me think about my brother in law who serves with the RPD and puts his life on the line every shift he goes to work. It makes my job as a PT seem safe, and much simpler than having to deal with split second decisions of life and death. So today we honor our neighbors to the north and the men and women who have chosen to protect us and serve with their lives on the line each time.  We pray and push ourselves like C.D. Ainsworth will be pushing to recover.

Warm up: in cadence 15x: SSH, Squats, Slow Merkins, Cotton Pickers, Butt Kickers

Mosey at your own pace to Park corner, Al Gore until the six arrives

District 26(District Ainsworth serves): 13 Merkins/ 13 Squats every light pole the length of one side of the park (6 poles total),  Plank for the six.

Mosey to Basketball Court

Zip 27606 (Raleigh Zip): 27 (Lunges)   60 (Mountain Climbers)    6 (Burpees)

OYO: Sprint length or court and back 9 Lunges and repeat 3 times for 27 total, Al Gore for the six

OYO: Sprint length of court and back 15 Mountain climbers and repeat 4 times for 60 total, plank for the six.

OYO: Sprint length of court and back 6 Burpees and repeat 6 times, plank for the six.

Quick Plank-a-rama

Indian Run to Parking lot

919 (Raleigh Area Code): 2 Tractor Tires and PAX group effort

Either 9 Captain Morgan’s or Carolina Dry Dock earns you 1 Tire Flip, Flip the tire and run back to the start to repeat until the both tires are flipped down the parking lot.

10 count recovery

Repeat the length back with 19 LBC’s (9+1+9=19) until both tires are flipped back to starting position and running back and forth each tire flip.

Mosey to Baseball field

Bear Crawl Caterpillar

2 teams start on line and Indian run race to Q’s hat 150ft away but in a bear crawl (modified to lunge or ape hop, bunny hop for PAX if needed). Plank for the six.

Repeat back in crab walk or modified position. Plank for the six.

Mosey to parking lot for Mary: Each PAX does Cadence or on the up/down for Mary exercise of their choice; Flutter kicks, LBC’s, WWI, Supermans, Freddy Mercury, American Hammer, Mountain Climbers) …Ended with Have a Nice day, lay on your six and stare at the sky.

7:00 to 8:00 with total of 2.2 Miles with the PAX during the Bootcamp beatdown

6 AM EC Run Chelsea and Stretch 6 Miles of conversational mosey with a live stun gun in Stretch’s pocket, close call.

BOM/COT: Prayers for family illness, Chelsea’s friend with facial nerve damage, Blood sports move, Prayers for local service men, police, fire and rescue.

Moleskin: It was cold today but one thing that kept pushing me throughout was memories of local emergency personnel that no matter what the weather, situation, or risk continue to protect and serve their community. In Benson, JOCO, Raleigh and all surrounding areas.  YHC is very thankful for those that risk their lives so that my family and I can feel a little safer each night. When I go to work I slip on my comfortable tennis shoes, work polo and maybe a light jacket for the drive in but never do I have to snap on a gun belt or a bulletproof vest or require training for split second decisions.  For that I am humbled, grateful, and so very thankful for those around me who answer the call. We want you all to know we pray for you and we think of you all during this time.

See you in the gloom men!