• Warm-Up and Partner Up
  • 4 Stages to complete before 6:08

Stage 1 (Red) – Catch Me If You Can w/5 Hand Release Merkins

  • P1 follows road around NCMA while P2 does 5 HR Merkins and runs to catch P1.  Loop through the back parking lot stopping at the corner before the Greenway path heads towards the lake (just past the picnic tables)
    • 10 High 5 Burpees w/partner

Stage 2 (Green) – Run to the middle of the 440 Bridge

  • Run together the Greenway path past lake keeping the dojo on your right, go down gravel path into the woods and run up the hill to the bridge
    • 1/4 Murph as follows:
      • 25 Pull Ups each
      • 50 Merkins (25 each)
      • 100 Squats (50 each)

Stage 3 (Turquoise) – Run to Dojo

  • Run together back down hill keeping left at the bottom.  At the top of the hill by the water fountains, go right and finish at the Dojo
    • 15 Derkins
    • 20 Single Leg Squats (10 each leg)
    • 25 LBC’s

Stage 4 (Pink) – Run to Ellipse

  • Exit Dojo, do a 180 degree turn and run straight to the path, turn right and follow around keeping right at the fork back towards the lake.  Run around the lake keeping it on your left, turn right towards amphitheater.  Run up the hill on the left just before the amphitheater and turn right on the path finishing at the Ellipse.
    • Run 1 lap together around the Ellipse
    • 10 WW2 Situps
    • 10 Hand Clap Merkins
    • Repeat until time called