When YHC checked the What’sApp conversation last night and saw several no-shows, I knew it was my turn to lead.  It also happens to be about a year that I have been participating in this insanity, so the timing works out.  Now, what to punish the two other committed PAX with… Thankfully, Cardiac had a helpful suggestion for a last-minute workout plan.  100 Burpees?  I can work with that.  With four of us gathered in the gloom at T-minus 2 minutes it looked like it might be a lightly attended day, until Amphibious pulled the clown-car into the lot and out spilled what seemed like an endless stream of PAX (okay, it was only four).  At 0530 on the nose we were off

The Warm-up (Beaker’s Beginnings): Slow jog around the peanut with some high knees and butt-kickers.  Circle up for

10x Good mornings

10x Willy-Mays Hays (which is around when Dreamcatcher pulled a slow drive-by through the heart of the PAX.  I think he is standing in moral solidarity with his wife; if she’s going to be behind schedule, so will he.  Prayers for them and the 1.9999999 that has decided to postpone becoming a 2.0 for the time being.)

10x IW

Stretch anything else out for:

The Thang (Beaker’s Beatdown):

At your own pace, jog to the fieldhouse, 10x Burpees.  Jog to the ATT access, 10x Burpees, jog down the ATT to the exercise station, 10x Burpees.  Once all were re-assembled, hit the pull-up bar for full extension pull-ups AMRAP, followed by irkins of increasingly shallow angle and decreasing reps (8, 6, 4, 2).  Boucher has been gone so long, he started his irkins as Aussie pull-ups until several PAX kindly, with no touch of sass or sarcasm, reminded him what an irkin is.  Repeato with knee-ups on the pull-up bar AMRAP.

That got heart-rates were back down a bit for some interval training.  30s jog, 30s sprint x2, followed by 10x Burpees and 10x stationary sprinters.  The sprinters are supposed to be performed by laying completely flat on your back, then bringing one leg, and the opposite arm and your upper body up, so that it looks like you’re running.  I saw several iterations of Freddy Mercurys and maybe a WWII, so I think we might need to practice this one a bit more.  Off for a second set of sprints at 1m jog, 30s sprint x 2, again ending with 10x Burpees and Sprinters.  When I called for the third interval in the same direction, there were several comments about my orienteering skills and the need to head back at some point…I’ve got it covered.  So, after another set of Burpees and Sprinters, we headed back with 2m jog and 30s sprint intervals until we were at the rock pile.  Grab a rock you wouldn’t mind holding over your head for several minutes and sit on your six for

Mary (Beaker’s Belly-blast):

30s six-inch leg raise with rock over your head

10x Hello Dolly, Rosalita, and Box-cutters, all with rock over your head.

10x Hammers with the rock…Cardiac and Chachi began to regret their choice at this point, but that’s okay because we were done.  Well, I know I was done.


Name-o-Rama and COT (Beaker’s Blessing?)

Syrian refugee family lost a daughter (Aya) after Bone-marrow transplant three weeks ago.  Pray for comfort in grief as well as logistical concerns about housing, etc now that they cannot stay at RMH.

Slow-Pitch’s brother Daryl in Qatar, wife in Tampa.  Prayers for strong relationship during the separation and safety.

Troller’s friend in SC still recovering from the house-fire, but awed and appreciative of the support from F3.  Well done men.

As always, it is great to lead and push others the way that I am routinely pushed.  Hopefully, the lineman will be a little quicker off their set this year thanks to the leg workout.  See y’all soon in the gloom.