30 PAX, including 2 beavers, 1 FNG, a 2.0 and a few from F3 Charlotte set out this morning to answer a very important question: Is caffeine a drug or a vitamin?

Initial FNG confusion resulted in a mumbled disclaimer which transitioned nicely into 10 burpees, OYO.  Captain Kangaroo was a bit late — 10 more burpees so he didn’t feel left out.

Warmup Burpee Jog
– Cross over Lassiter Mill Rd. and onto Pamlico Dr.
– Take a left on Rokcingham St., squat hold, 10 burpees, continue down Rockingham,
– Take a left on Currituck Dr., squat hold, 10 burpees
– Backwards run up Currituck back to the JC Penny’s lot

– Sir Fazio Arm Circles
– Windmill

Line up against the wall for a modified balls-to-wall merkin thing
I’m not sure what the name of this exercise is called but we didn’t do it for long.
– Plank it out with your feet against the wall
– When the Q calls ‘UP’, slowly walk your feet up the wall into the BTTW position. Hold it there for a while.
– When the Q calls ‘DOWN’, slowly walk your feet down the wall back into the plank position
– When the Q calls ‘DOWN’ again, do a merkin.
– Throw in a low plank hold or two to give everyone a rest
– Repeat

Recover with some ab work
– LBCs (hold it) and move into low slow flutter
– 6 in leg hold

Set of 11’s
– Bear crawl from the JC Penny’s wall to the other side of the lot, do 10 merkins.
– Run back and do 1 star-jump
– An early audible was called to replace the bear crawls with runs
– Squats while waiting for everyone to finish

Next was a set of impromptu exercises to fill up the rest of the morning
– Jog over to the big lot close to the gas station and line up
– Run to one end, squat hold, 10 sumo squat jumps OYO, run to the other end, squat hold
– Suicide sprints
– Plank walk to the Right
– Run to the other side and back.

Jog back to our starting point for Mary
– Lots of LBCs
– Freddie Mercury (hold it) and move into low slow flutter
– 6 in leg hold — 5 count around the circle

– 9/11 stair climb, healing transitions, call for clothing
– Country Wide took us out.

I missed a few names and probably got a few wrong so add a comment if you’re not listed.

It was great seeing some Charlotte brothers join us this morning. I don’t think they even broke a sweat.  Nor did Mayday — he’s a machine (and only 10)!

Nice work everyone and Welcome FNG Pumpkin Spice!